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Why Visit Taupo In The Post Covid19 Era?

Covid-19 has changed our world and in turn the way we travel. International travel restrictions, continued border closures and severe limitations on visas have affected us all. Many presume that this means the summer holidays will be boring this year and that travelling is out of reach. This is not the case, indeed we have been given a fantastic opportunity to explore our local hotspots. There are many gorgeous natural gems and artist hotspots in New Zealand that are waiting to be explored.

Taupo is a fantastic place to visit, often a quick lunch stop on a long road trip for many kiwis avoiding masses of international tourists, it has become a quiet town but still maintains a lot to offer! Here are three unique things you should do in Taupo post-covid to make sure that you have a fantastic summer holiday! 1) Forget expensive hot pools and visit the Otumuheke Stream! Many kiwis imagine Taupo an expensive place to visit and this is in part due to the extreme popularity of the DeBretts resort and spa. You can easily have the same experience for half the price by renting an AirBnB, grabbing breakfast at a local cafe and visiting the free hot pools in the Otumuheke Stream near Huka Falls. These hot pools are the secluded secret of locals and are often quiet making them a great place to take the family, or to find a place to relax and reflect on the natural beauty around you. 2) Visit the Māori rock carvings in Mine Bay. Only accessible by boat, the Māori rock carvings in mine bay stand tall at 10 metres high. Proudly created by one of the last marae trained tohunga whakairo or master carvers, these are a treat to the eye and a respectful cultural icon in the area. There are many scenic cruises that will take you out to these impressive carvings and prices start at a very reasonable $30. Why not pack a lunch to enjoy as your venture out on your cruise and don’t forget to take your camera and a spare battery! 3) Travel out of town for a one-of-a-kind experience. If you have booked accommodation for several days you can explore the outer area of Taupo. Travelling 10 minutes up the road you can visit the Huka Prawn Park and Lava Glass. Begin your day by exploring a garden full of hand-made glass pieces, crafted by local glass blowers and in the afternoon head to Huka Prawn Park where you can feed baby prawns, visit the hatchery and catch a few to make up a delicious meal. These are two experiences you can not find anywhere else in New Zealand!

Taupo is an exciting adventure capital. There are trails to explore, mountains to climb and if you feel brave you can skydive or go for a bungy jump! Eateries and live music venues fill the township with delicious smells and beautiful noises that create a vibrant atmosphere perfect for a quick romantic weekend getaway for a week-long escape with the kids. No matter the reason for visiting you want to ensure that your stay is comfortable and fits your needs. Your Space Taupo is an AirBnB letting group that is locally owned and operated and maintains an average 5-star rating. Your Space Taupo will meet your unique needs while ensuring that your stay in Taupo is memorable so you will want to keep coming back. Now that your accommodation is sorted all you need to do is pack up the car and come on over to explore your own slice of heaven!

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