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Welcome to Taupo, the heart of Aotearoa. 


Taupo is a place of stunning natural beauty. From the beautiful, sparkling lake, to the snow-capped mountains, Taupo is a paradise and a home away from home for many. 


Lake Taupo's landscape is incredibly unique as it actually a large volcano. Created in 181 AD, Lake Taupo was formed by a huge volcanic eruption carving out a giant crater in the land and what would become Australasia's largest lake (the size of Singapore!). Today, we are left with an incredible adventure playground. Surrounding the shores are the mighty volcanoes themselves; Mount Ruapehu, Mount Ngauruhoe and Mount Tongariro.


On the northern edge of the lake is the bustling little town of Taupo. Here, you'll find an abundance of activities to do as well as places to explore. Even if you've travelled to Taupo dozens of times before, there is always something new and exciting to check out.  


For the active travellers out there, Taupo provides a great base for those who love to fish for trout, ski Mount Ruapehu and explore some of the incredible mountain ranges. There is no shortage of hiking and mountain biking to be done within the area, with the famous Tongariro Crossing just a short drive from Taupo and a major highlight for many. And let’s not forget about the lake! Lake Taupo is bursting with activities from sailing to swimming (although we'd recommend leaving the latter until summer unless you're brave enough!). 


Taupo is also a hub for geothermal activity. Immerse yourself by soaking in gorgeous natural geothermal hot pools after a big day on the slopes, or check out the geothermal parks such as Orakei Korako for some breathtaking sights.


When it's time to relax or indulge in a bit of retail therapy, Taupo township has everything you need. The quaint streets are filled with boutique shops, amazing restaurants, bustling cafes.


If you have a holiday home in Taupo, you'll know just what a spectacular place it is to visit, relax, and unwind by the lakeside. It's no wonder that visitors often rave about their experience in this wonderful place. Many travellers often stay longer than expected or come back year after year. It's easy for days to turn into weeks while enjoying this North Island paradise. 


Taupo is a popular destination in both summer and winter, but the biggest influx of visitors happens in the summer time. With tourist numbers increasing every year, we have seen a huge increase of Airbnb’s and holiday homes as travellers look for unique and affordable places to stay in Taupo.


If you have a Taupo holiday home you want to share with other visitors but don’t know where to start,  we’re here to help. We handle all aspects of short term rental management in Taupo.

Contact us today to see how you can start making income off your holiday home.

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